Special Announcement!

Monday May 13, 2019

As GRSBA moves into 2019 we have some big challenges before us. Steve Niles, the current President of the Board of Directors, has announced that he is stepping down from his position. According to our By-Laws, this means that Sarah Merlau, Vice President, will move forward and complete his term of office. We want to thank Steve for his time and service to GRSBA and wish him well.

There is a considerable amount of work and planning that needs to be done to set GRSBA up for the year and the Board of Directors needs your help!

We would like to encourage anyone that is interested in helping us rebuild GRSBA to please contact Jo Ann Armstrong at jarmst4459@aol.com. There are a few Board of Directors positions that are currently vacant and we always welcome committee volunteers although you don’t need to be either to serve. Any help, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated and is so desperately needed.