Association Bylaws

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Partner Organizations

Rochester Rookies Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports Program

The Rochester Rookies exists to provide, promote and develop opportunities for children and “Young at Heart” adults with physical disabilities to participate in recreational and competitive wheelchair and ambulatory sports.

Disability EmpowHer Network

Disability EmpowHer Network is a non-profit run by and for girls and women with disabilities that connects, motivates, and guides disabled girls and women to grow, learn, and develop to their highest potential and have the confidence to lead.

Endless Highway

Endless Highway empowers individuals who use mobility devices to live connected and active lives by cultivating inclusion in sports, recreation, arts, and communities.

Non-Reimbursable Medical Equipment Fund

Non-Reimbursable Medical Equipment Fund

Non-Reimbursable Medical Expense Fund Form

The purpose of this program is to help offset expenses incurred by individuals with Spina Bifida or their families. Only expenses RELATED to Spina Bifida for the year previous are eligible. Complete applications must be postmarked by April 30th. Funds will be allocated during the Summer.


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Supply Cabinet

The GRSBA Supply Closet is a platform that aims to help members by allowing them to share or request equipment and supplies. All available items will be listed on the platform, while the names of the members offering or requesting equipment and supplies will be kept anonymous.

  • Two Adult Sized Shower Chairs (Available)
  • Five boxes of 15 French Catheters (Available)
  • Portable Ramp (Needed)


Supply Cabinet Form


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Member Referrals

GRSBA members can provide referrals for medical professionals, services, products, etc. However, GRSBA doesn’t endorse these referrals and reserves the right to remove any solicitations, derogatory comments, and factually inaccurate comments.

Member Referrals Form


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GRSBA members can share disability-related educational opportunities, such as seminars, speakers, articles, books, classes, and conferences.

Educational Opportunity Form


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Finacial Assistance Opportunities

GRSBA and its members share information on financial assistance opportunities such as grants, foundations, and agencies that may be helpful for members.


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